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Meet the officers of our party


Phillip Joseph, Chairman

Phillip is a loving husband and father who committed to bringing long term stability to our community. Proudly serving for the 2023-24 term


Mark Tierny,
Vice Chairman

Mark has convicted commitment to excellence and integrity in all that he does. Married with kids he is taking an active part in cultivating our society for the next generation.


Shelly Lake,

Shelly originally coming from California made Michigan her home where she raised her family right here in Barry County. She has a steadfast dedication and one of the biggest hearts in the county.


Jason Watson, Treasurer

Jason is a long time resident of Hastings where he raised his family. His in depth knowledge and commitment to truth and transparency makes him perfect for the job!

Chair- Phillip Joseph
Vice Chair- Mark Tierney
Treasurer- Jason Watson
Secretary- Shelly Lake

Fighting for our liberties

Elected by the Executive Committee, our leadership team is committed to serving with integrity and dignity. 

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